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Beyond wishing; Mastermind your way to Growth

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

What exactly is a Mastermind?

A combination of brainstorming, learning and peer accountability in a group setting to support your personal and professional growth.

Here is the science behind it, according to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich:

"A group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery. An individual battery will provide energy in proportion to the number and capacity of the cells it contains. The brain functions in a similar fashion. This accounts for the fact that some brains are more efficient than others, and leads to this significant statement - a group of brains coordinated (or connected) in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery. Through this metaphor it becomes immediately obvious that the mastermind principle holds the secret of the power wielded by people who surround themselves with other people of brains."

When a group of individual brains is coordinated and functions in harmony, the increased energy created through the alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.

The right people

Meeting with like-minded people on a regular basis is the key to tapping into the power of masterminding. "Like-minded" doesn't mean homogeneous. In fact, diversity is a good thing in a mastermind group.

The opportunity

Beyond Coaching and First Coffee, Then Things collaborated to create a Mastermind Tribe! Our Tribe is focused on connecting professional who are smart, creative and resourceful, and who can benefit from learning, exchanging ideas and brainstorming new ways of thinking and approaching challenges. Our objective is to create an opportunity for each member to reach the next level of growth while being supported by the facilitators and the Tribe! For our Tribe, we are looking for people with a true desire for, and a firm commitment to, #GROWTH.

The commitment

The Tribe meets once a month, for 6 months, for 90-minute sessions. We utilize video-chat technology to allow for face-to-face interaction without having to leave your home or office. Space is limited to just 10 people!

The conversations:

During the sessions, your facilitators will guide the group through the learning and discussions. We will be exploring the following topics:

  • Identifying what's important to you

  • Discovering your zone of genius

  • Defining your success matrix

  • Navigating conflict

  • Developing habits which support your growth

  • Surrounding yourself with success

The investment

Six, 90-minute monthly sessions

Register by January 31st: $600 investment (BEST Value)

Register by February 10th: $900 investment

Registration will remain open until the 10 spaces are filled or until February 10th, whichever occurs first.

Sessions will take place on Feb 11, March 10, April 7, May 5, June 2 and July 7

The facilitators

Ricki Braswell

Josybel Martinez

Don't miss out, join the tribe today!

Apply here

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