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Get to Know Beyond Coaching

Beyond Coaching works with clients from a wide-range of backgrounds and industries, however, the commonality is that our clients all want to grow and sustain a new level of success and fulfillment. We respect the coaching relationship with our clients and therefore maintain confidentiality with regard to whom we engage with, however, some current and former clients may be willing to discuss the level of success they experienced as a result of engaging in coaching with Beyond Coaching.

Beyond Coaching partners with executives, leaders, teams and boards of directors within and outside of the United States to successfully develop and support business strategy and performance improvements. Services include executive and team coaching, culture and communication assessments, strategic planning and strategic execution, leadership retreats and change management. Team coaching is ideal for boards of directors, executive and staff teams and offers breakthrough team performance solutions by focusing on productive conflict, team-based leadership, effective communication skills and creating a collaborative culture.

“What separates those who achieve their dreams from those who do not is not our desire, but our willingness to work on ourselves; to take ourselves from where we are to a more preferred future. The journey can be an adventure or a chore; each of us has the opportunity to choose. Through coaching, I have the privilege to support and guide you through the adventurous journey. Along the way you will uncover ways to garner the level of happiness, success and contentment you are seeking. The learning which occurs during coaching allows you to sustain your achievements and apply a new way of thinking to other aspects of your life. Challenge yourself to discover your potential and go beyond your current success.”

– Ricki Braswell, CEO, Beyond Coaching

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Get to Know Ricki Braswell, CAE

Ricki Braswell -- Headshot -- 2022.jpg

I’m an experienced CEO, having spent more than 20 years in the nonprofit arena serving state, national and international organizations with budgets ranging from a half a million to over forty million in annual revenue. My strengths lie in the areas of strategic thinking, creativity, building teams and honing leadership skills.

I’ve been successful in turning around organizations which struggled with sustainability in changing markets. I’ve turned lagging organizations into thriving organizations and developed teams who demonstrated a commitment and culture which bolstered the organizations.

Just like you, I’ve had to work for each of my accomplishments. The phrase, “It’s lonely at the top” resonates. I’ve chosen to be a coach so that you don’t have to go it alone. I help others make the most of their strengths and achieve success in their lives and businesses. Through coaching, I partner with leaders and executives to identify what’s really important and to hone the behaviors and thinking which support achieving their goals. My clients are able to create new levels of the success and the balance they are seeking

I am committed to continual learning and growth. I hold the Certified Association Executive designation in non-profit management. I am currently completing a year-long program through the University of Miami, approved by the International Coach Federation, which when combined with my coaching experience, provides me with the necessary education to attain a Professional Certified Coach designation.


Get to Know Our Process

​“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”

- Brene Brown

At Beyond Coaching we take the time to get to know you, and allow you to get to know us. During the coaching process, the coach and the client develop a connected relationship which supports the client in their growth. The process is free of judgement and empowers the client to learn new ways of thinking, discovering and learning while also calling upon existing knowledge. The foundation for coaching is our belief that each person is whole, resourceful, creative and has the ability to learn and grow.

  • Coaching begins by establishing your objective(s). That can be accomplished with a phone or video call, or by meeting in person. During that first interaction we will work together to determine the primary objectives and their significance. 

  • Throughout the coaching process, we will partner to identify challenges and obstacles while also identifying and tapping into your strengths and abilities.

  • Coaching is customized for each client and no two clients are the same. Your communication preferences, location, objectives, needs and availability are taken into account. Although most of the coaching takes place via phone or video call, most of our clients benefit from in-person “Retreat Days”, which are full day sessions where we work together to create clarity and strategy around your goals. In the case of organizational and team coaching, our coach schedules in-person full or half day sessions to work with the group of people and often creates one-on-one follow up opportunities.

  • The coaching process assists you in developing skills to apply to future scenarios, well beyond the time you are engaged with the coach.

Book a complimentary exploratory call to discover how coaching can help you!

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