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“I believe that everyone has a unique gift. Coaching is a process which supports the discovery of your gift and the utilization of your strengths to make the most of it.”

- Ricki Braswell, CEO, Beyond Coaching

There is an upward trend among C-Suite executives to engage a professional coach. Clients report that as a result of coaching they have more clarity around their goals, communicate more effectively, are more productive and have a higher degree of confidence.

Beyond Coaching partners with executives, leaders, teams and boards of directors within and outside of the United States to successfully develop and support business strategy and performance improvements. Services include executive and team coaching, culture and communication assessments, strategic planning and strategic execution, leadership retreats and change management. Team coaching is ideal for boards of directors, executive and staff teams and offers breakthrough team performance solutions by focusing on productive conflict, team-based leadership, effective communication skills and creating a collaborative culture.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching facilitates impactful and sustainable change.

The coach supports the client by serving as a thought facilitator, sounding board, motivator, cheerleader and accountability partner. The coach/client relationship is a partnership that is client-focused and driven. The process is behavior-based, goal-oriented, and includes clarify objectives, developing goals, discovering strength, identifying blind-spots and unlocking the client’s potential to garner sustainable results.

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Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on creating positive culture and shared objectives.

The coaching is guided by the executive’s vision for the organization and the coach supports the change by holding the vision and mission of the organization and facilitating engagement by the team. The coach uses appropriate tools to assist the team in goal development and execution. The process is behavior-based and includes team-developed benchmarks to ensure accountability and sustainability.

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What is Coaching?

What is coaching and how does it differ from consulting?

Coaching is a collaborative process whereby we partner with you to facilitate your growth by exploring your creativity, problem-solving skills and natural strengths to develop solutions and changes in behavior which are sustainable and can be applied to future scenarios. Consulting is directive. In coaching the goals and strategies are developed in partnership and are behavior-based with sustainability as the objective. 


During the coaching process, you are supported, empowered and encouraged by the coach. You choose the goals and we support your growth by facilitating discussions which encourage you to explore new ideas, new ways of learning, thinking and behaving, resulting in you developing actions which allow you to reach, and even exceed, your objectives.

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How Does Coaching Works?

So how exactly dos this all work?

When creating change most of us have been taught to focus on external factors. We take continuing education, we hire different staff, we may change jobs. However, studies show that external factors only account for about 10% of lasting change. Sustainable change comes from our internal triggers which are comprised of our thoughts, attitudes, values, perspective and beliefs. This is often referred to as our internal operating system. In the coaching process, we guide you toward your goals while helping you to explore your internal triggers and gain a better awareness of yourself, others and your environment. This results in greater emotional intelligence and skills you can apply to future growth as well.

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“Coaching is an art, and it’s far easier said than done. It takes courage to ask a question, rather than offer up advice, provide an answer, or unleash a solution. Giving another person the opportunity to find their own way, make their own mistakes, and create their own wisdom is both brave and vulnerable.”

– Brene Brown

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