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Seminars & Workshops

Presentations are customized to fit the sponsoring organization's objectives and to provide value for the audience. All presentations will deliver:

  • informative facts,

  • practical take-home ideas for growth and improvement,

  • and a healthy amount of humility and humor

To meet your needs and the interest of your audience most programs can be delivered in either a Seminar or Workshop format and multi-day Workshops and Retreats are also an option.


Delivered in a lecture format with appropriate visual aids (such as PowerPoint or Keynote).


Also have appropriate visual aids, but are designed to be interactive and are focused on audience engagement and participation.


Programs scheduled for 90-minutes or less are only offered as Seminars.


45 – 90 minutes (seminar)

Half day (3.5 hour) (seminar or workshop)

Full day (seminar or workshop)

Multi-day (workshop or retreat)

It is my pleasure to create custom presentations specifically for your organization and your audience. Below are some seminars I have provided in the past and can offer to your group as well.



Aligning your Vision, Values and Success!

Often our matrix for a successful business focuses only on money. What differentiates mediocre organizations from really good ones is the ability to create a Vision, supported by core Values which leads to a new level of Success!

18-Traits of An Effective Leader

The phrase, “leaders are born” is not completely accurate. You can learn to hone some of your traits and adopt others so that you too are an effective leader.

Building the Team of Your Dreams

Dream Teams are built, one strength and idea at a time. We will walk through what key ingredients help you to achieve the ideal team.



Better Communication = Increased Case Acceptance

Wait, what? Is it really that simple? Ask yourself - Have you ever had a patient who nods their head in agreement but leaves without scheduling the treatment? Or what about the patient who schedules but doesn’t show up? Ever wondered what you could do about that? The secret may lie in how you communicate.

Practice Self-Audit – Is Your Practice Set Up For Success?

It’s easy to get caught up in comparing your practice to someone else’s, but it’s difficult to determine if you are doing all that you should to ensure that your practice stays competitive, is thriving and is positioned for future growth. In this program we will discuss how the products, brand and culture you offer determines if your goals are met.

Marketing Is NOT a Four-Letter Word (Even if it feels like it should be!)

In this program you will be exposed to practical, useful strategies to market and brand your practice using social media.

Creating the Practice of Your Dreams

By exploring what you would like work and life to look like we will determine the components of how to develop your ideal practice. In this session we discuss the Pankey Philosophy of Practice and Patient Care as a background for creating the practice of your dreams.

Special Honorarium rates will be provided for non-profits
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