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I'm not too proud to "borrow" a good idea

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At the risk of committing copywrite infringement, I simply have to share an ad from Rolex.

Are you pausing to wonder why the world's most famous watch maker feels the need to spend money on advertisements? Are you aware that there are actual waiting lists to purchase a brand new Rolex and that the estimated wait time is between 1 and 5 years? According to, even getting on the waiting list is not a guarantee that you will get the opportunity to buy a new Rolex watch. (Read the explanation for how the list works).

So, why, why, why, would Rolex spend money to place this advertisement in the NY Times Sunday Magazine ? I don't have the answer as I'm not part of their marketing and branding team, but I'll share why I think they are brilliant.

What makes a Rolex a Rolex ad

This ad. It is simple. It is perfection. Here's why.

The message acknowledges what most of us think of when we think "Rolex". That's what a brand is - it's the thoughts and emotions evoked when we hear, read, see or think about the company or its product. When we think Rolex, we think quality materials and quality craftmanship. But they tell us, in their own advertisement, that those are important things, but not THE most important thing.

"it's not the steel we shape or the gold we forge...

it's not the sum of every single part we design, craft, polish and assemble with countless skills and constant care".

The most important thing, THE thing that makes a Rolex a Rolex is the TIME it takes to combine their quality materials, their numerous skills and constant care into a watch that they deem "Superlative". A watch which represents their values of "autonomy, responsibility and integrity". A watch in which they make every single part themselves - no outsourcing and no generic pieces.

Rolex tells us, the reader of their ad, some of us whom are their customers, some their prospective customers and many of whom won't ever own one of their time pieces, that they only do one thing, but they do that one thing superlatively. Every. Single. Time.

"Everything that is created begins in the mind." - Ruth Fishel (1988)

Go For It

Beyond Words

Besides inspiration, and more than a little admiration for the talent of the marketing team at Rolex, this ad demonstrates the absolute need to define your brand. The word "marketing" is used to cover a bunch of activities. But in order to market your business, you have to know, or create your brand and define your value proposition in order to appeal to your ideal audience. That has to be done before you begin marketing or you just spend a lot of time sending out generic message that don't connect.

So let's accept a little gift from Rolex (thanks, Rolex!) and use their ad as a template to help get you motivated. Just fill in the blanks:

What makes ____________________ (Insert your business's name here) who we are?

It isn't: ____________________________________ (List all of the qualities your organization has that you know that your competitors also have, even if they are valued or sought after, even if you think you do them better).

What makes us different is: __________________________________(list the things that only you, your team, and / or your product does, and only the things that make you unique).

Sip & Strategize

Feeling inspired to work on your brand but not sure where to go from here? You're too good to be generic and you don't have to be stuck. Schedule a virtual coffee meeting with me and grab a cup of something hot or cold to sip as we explore how I can help you to create your brand strategy to connect with customers and grow your company. Go beyond generic message and show your customers who you are and what you can do for them by identifying and articulating your value. If you're ready to shine, I'm ready to show you how. Schedule a virtual coffee and let's chat.


Let's Learn Together

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Interested in learning from and with me? Here are some of the places I'll be presenting in the next few months and how you can join me:

June 1-3: Annapolis, MD

Attending this retreat will give you a place for discussion and growth with other female dentists; women who, like you, are maneuvering around today’s personal and professional challenges with a bit of uncertainty.

July 12-14: Bonita Springs, FL

If you are a not-for-profit executive, this conference will help you to cultivate change as we dig deep into association management for this new era. Connect with your colleagues and fertilize your mind through enriching education, interactive discussions and flourishing attendee experiences.

September 15-16: Louisville, KY

Covering all things digital dentistry, this is the place to be for both dentists and laboratory owners and technicians. This is a great opportunity for laboratory owners and technicians to attend my workshop on how to create your brand by identify what makes you unique.

September 21-22: Tempe, AZ

This dynamic, encompassing program provides the business knowledge that today's dental laboratory managers need. Upon completion, the program awards a Certificate in Dental Laboratory Management.

If you are enjoying Beyond A Pep Talk and know others who would as well, please share! Also, I'd love to hear what you want to learn more about so that I can create content just for you. Email me at with your thoughts, comments or just to share a chuckle. We can also engage on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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