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Today We Make History

Today isn't just another Wednesday. Today we make history.

Today we make history as we inaugurate our first female Vice President of the United States. We also explore giving up plastic, making space and making decisions. Here's to giving you that little boost to help you make the most of the rest of the week.

- Ricki Braswell, CAE, President, Beyond Coaching

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Today We Make History

My father raised daughters. He taught us we had a right to an opinion, but we should take the time to check our facts and respect that everyone else has a right to an opinion as well. He taught us to stand up for ourselves, but in doing so we don't have to sacrifice another. He taught us that we could be successful while also being humble. And he taught us that we could be independent and self-reliant and still be supportive and loving partners.

My father believed that women make great leaders and he encouraged my sisters and I to work our way into leadership roles and then honor the people we serve from those positions. These are lessons we took to heart.

Today we make history as we inaugurate our first female Vice President of the United States. Not everyone who reads this may share my pride. I promise this isn't about political parties. I simply cannot allow my fear of being misjudged stand in the way of shining a light on this point in history.

For me this is about being a woman. Regardless of the color of our skin, how we vote or where we pray, we share something fundamental. We were all little girls once. I want my daughter and my nieces to see the potential of women. We have countless differences, but we are women. We birth every human being on this planet. We are the mothers of the entire world. And today, a woman holds the second most powerful position in our country.

I am so grateful to my father, Richard H. Witt, Jr. for teaching my sisters and I so many lessons. I wish he was alive to see this day. He is proof of how a wonderful father can shape the future for his daughters.

In honor of my daughter and all of the other brilliant young women of her generation (and your mothers who are paving the way)...

We have a plan to stop using plastic.

These words. This company. I don't know where to start. But fortunately, when it comes to helping the environment, they do!

The folks at Grove Collaborative made this brave declaration and I fell a little deeper in love with them. Grove Collaborative is an online store that sells environmentally friendly cleaning and beauty products. They make their own line of products but they also sell products from other companies like Mrs. Meyers, which I've been using for years.

So I could go on about how great their products are and how much I love that they deliver right to my door (using as little packing material and NO plastic packing materials) but I want to focus on their BHAG (big harry audacious goal) of moving Beyond Plastic!

They have two phases -- Phase 1: Plastic neutral and Phase 2: Plastic-free.

The company has already achieved their phase one goal. They are, "100% plastic neutral. For every ounce of plastic we sell, we collect & recycle an ounce of plastic pollution." And, according to their plan, "We'll be 100% plastic-free by 2025. We're working hard to remove plastic from everything we make and sell."

So not only do they have great products, delivered to your door, and an amazing mission to help the environment, but they also have great incentives like a free Mrs. Meyers starter kit and a refer a friend program! I'm all about sharing something I love with you AND supporting an awesome company. How can I not champion something that is moving beyond... :-)

I am racking my brain to try to recall where I read, heard, saw what I'm about to share and I just cannot seem to remember. Ugh, super frustrating, mostly because I want to give this brilliant person all of the credit she/he deserves. This one question made me stop and really, really think.

What 5 things are you willing to leave behind (let go of) in order to make space for the new you want in your life?


Yes, we could take this literally, as in what five things are you going to donate to charity in order to make room for all of the amazing presents you received over the holidays. But that isn't how this landed with me. For me, this is about energy and focus. I interpreted this as what five things will I stop doing, or do less of, in order to have the time and energy, the focus, to do more to move myself forward.

And so the homework begins. I don't want to be flippant. Whomever was wise enough to craft this deep question and share it with the world deserves to be respected by having me do the work around my answer.

Here is the very first thing that popped into my head as I began to think about this question: I would like to let go of my "negative voice".

Do you have that voice? The voice that was probably originally designed to protect you from rash or poor decision, but, like a gremlin who you've been quietly but consistently feeding in the middle of the night, has now grown to take up residence in the back of your mind and is questioning your growth decisions. The voice that always explores how much it will suck to fail (as opposed to how awesome it will be when you succeed!). Well, I've decided that I'm going to let go of that voice. Little secret, I named my voice Sheila. If you want to know why message me and I'll explain the power behind the naming. But suffice it to say that 2021 is the year that Sheila and I will end our decades long relationship. Another little secret, Sheila is persistent, so I'm going to have to really work on shaking her. Adios Sheila, I'll be taking this trip without ya.

I'm going to work on the other 4 things I'm willing to let go of. And I need to do some deeper thinking on what I'm making space to invite. Message me or leave a comment (or email me and let me know how this question landed with you and what your going to let go of. I'm super curious!

(Please forgive me amazing human, I will recall where I was exposed to this and I will share your name with everyone when I do. Thank you for sharing your gift!).

Goals vs. Decisions

Earlier this month I shared that 188 million Americans (74% of the adult population) create a New Year's resolution. Believe it or not, more than half of us have already abandon them and it isn't even the end of January!

How about you ditch the resolution in favor of a decision. You read that correctly. Make a decision. Decide you are going to make a change. Decide this is the year you are going to grow, succeed, live a better, healthier life. Goals can be put off. Decisions require action.

If you've decided that 2021 is your year book then schedule a virtual coffee! This is a (FREE) 45-minute session to explore how success coaching can support your decision to change and what actions are in your future.

Don't spend another year struggling to reach your potential. Schedule today and move Beyond!

BTW, if you haven't abandoned your resolution, WAY TO GO! It takes 12 weeks to fully conform to a new habit, so keep at it.

If you are enjoying Beyond A Pep Talk please share with friends and suggest they sign up! Also, I'd love to hear what you want to learn more about so that I can create content just for you. Email me at with your thoughts, comments or just to share a chuckle.

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