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I have an idea. What if we leaders didn't completely focus on the end goal and instead - hear me out - instead, focused on the progress? What if we allowed ourselves (and I'm speaking directly to myself here) to experience the journey of progression? I'm blowing my own mind! I'm always so goal focused that I often rush through the growth steps. I don't slow down to soak in the change and appreciate the effort; instead I keep my head down and plow on, eyes so focused on the goal line that each hash mark is a blur.

I've created a new slogan - LEAP! Let's Experience Awesome Progress!

I want to live in the LEAP. I think there is considerable growth in experiencing the progress and measuring it, not always against the goal, but also against the starting point, and the last place where you may have gotten stuck.

This thought caused me to amend my steps to achieving a goal. This is my new outline. Can you tell what I've added to help me live and LEAP?


Ask yourself, "What's it going to take (from me, from others) to get to this goal? Have I given myself enough time? Am I firmly committed? Why is this my goal? Am I doing this for me, or for someone else? You can't wander into sustainable growth or sustainable change. You have to create a plan and then do the hard work of changing your habits, redirecting your resources and continually assessing your commitment and drive.

Establish bite-sized "mini" goals

You can't run a marathon at a sprinter's pace. Create some mini-goals to keep you focused, help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and add to your list of accomplishments.

Pre-determined measurements of progress

Before you begin, ask yourself, "How will I know that I'm moving in the right direction?" What are the indicators that you are on your way? Think of these measurements as mile-markers along your journey. They will help show you how far you've traveled.


Just getting starting is a cause for celebration. There are millions of goals that die within someone's head. Taking the first step and starting is a big move. What else can you celebrate along the way?


Take some time to check in and review what you've experienced during this process. What have you learned? What kinds of things motivate and energize you? Conversely, what things are energy-suckers? What new skills have you adopted? Are you more or less comfortable with change now that you're in the process?

Focus on your "Why"

It is so easy to quit tasks, but it is so much harder to quit when our values are attached to something. Be sure to have reminders about why you embarked on something that requires so much effort and work.

Leadership Note: I wrote this about achieving goals, but these same tips apply to team goals and objectives. Before you and your team jump into your next big project consider reviewing these simple steps and incorporating in the LEAP philosophy.

Just because we're taking the LEAP doesn't mean we have to turn a blind eye on why reaching our goals is so darn tough. This is a screen shot of Mr. Sweeney (our iRobot) having a tough day. In one sentence he conveyed how so many of us have felt at the end of a long day.

Here is the ugly, short list of why we give up, give in and give out:

  1. Unrealistic expectations

  2. Overwhelmed by the thought

  3. Lack of a specific strategy

I could write another 50,000 words on how to combat these three uglies, but I think you are pretty smart and can figure it out too. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you have climbed one, or all, of these hurdles. Email me or share it with me on IG or FB (you can post to my IG or FB page or tag me @TransitonBeyond on your page)!

Coffee & Convictions

The Stronger The Better

Being strong doesn't mean going it alone. Sometimes it means knowing when to reach out. Want to explore how success coaching can help you be even stronger? Schedule a virtual coffee and let's chat. It's free of charge and also risk-free! We will set aside 45 minutes to explore your goals and you can get a taste of how coaching can support you in reaching your goals.

If you are enjoying Beyond A Pep Talk and know others who would as well, please share! Also, I'd love to hear what you want to learn more about so that I can create content just for you. Email me at with your thoughts, comments or just to share a chuckle.

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