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Dream, Decide, Start

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Imagine applying for your dream job and during the interview process you're told that although the job has been performed by countless others, you will have the opportunity to restructure it in a way that suits you best. You have the opportunity to be as happy and successful as you set your mind to be. You can create whatever structure, whatever rewards system and whatever hours you like! You are promised that this job will be the most emotionally taxing but also the most emotionally rewarding job ever.

Before wrapping up the offer, you are given a warning: this job will demand extensive collaboration, and a high degree of trust and vulnerability. The job responsibilities will change, sometimes without warning. There may be times when you receive no positive feedback. Your performance will directly impact the success of the people around you. You will need to continually expand your leadership, communication and interpersonal relationship skills. You will need to learn to multitask to a level you have yet to imagine, and to manage your stress and your budget, on your own.

Would you accept this job?

You already did - it’s called your life. It just didn’t come with the warning.

As tempted as I am to just end this post here, I simply cannot do that to you. Here is what I want you to take away from what I've shared: We have choices. One of those choices is to design the life we want to live. As I illustrated above, it isn't easy, but it can be achieved. And it begins with something you already have - your mindset.

Deciding what you want and giving yourself permission to have it, is the first critical step. The next is taking one small step toward it.

What is most important to you? How are you prioritizing that in your life? How satisfied are you with how it is showing up?

This is your life and you do have the opportunity to determine how you live it. If you're not living how you want to, you can change it. It doesn't happen overnight and it isn't always easy, but you can do it.

Need help? Coaching is all about helping align your goals and priorities and creating steps to achieve your desired outcome. Book a virtual coffee with me, we will chat and I will share some tips so that you can get started. See the link at the bottom of this post. It's free! This is my way of aligning my priority of helping others grow and achieve success and happiness.

I Really Am Starting the Club!

In my post on January 6th I asked, "What 5 things are you willing to leave behind (let go of) in order to make space for the new you want in your life?" I said that I'm beginning with letting go of my "negative voice". Then in my post on Feb 3, I addressed the "Club" I want to start for recovering self-critics. I was kidding (sort of, not really).

Y'all! I was so happy to hear that I'm not alone. You really connected with this! So yes, we are going to start the Club and banish our inner self-critics.

To join, email me at

Our Club's slogan: "Grow through what you go through". Let's do this!

If you're curious about what success coaching can bring to you Schedule a virtual coffee and let's chat.

We will set aside 45-minutes to explore what your goals are and I'll share my philosophy and practice style. The session is complimentary and allows you to experience some coaching and determine if we might be a good fit.

The link allows you to view my calendar and pick a time that works best for you. Having the life that you want begins with taking that first step.

If you are enjoying Beyond A Pep Talk and know others who would as well, please share! Also, I'd love to hear what you want to learn more about so that I can create content just for you. Email me at with your thoughts, comments or just to share a chuckle.

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